Improve Change & Retention with Strategic Learning Rather than Annual Training

Traditionally, training sessions and professional development are implemented on an annual basis.  Most companies have a budget line that allows for a facilitator or trainer to provide a 2 hour, half day, full day or 2 day training session to improve employee skills, abilities or build the team.

This type of training is common and effective if your goal is to:

– unite staff for learning over a short time

– re-energize and rejuvenate staff

– offer generic skills to improve productivity

– reward staff with professional development and fun

Training held annually can work well if the topic of training is focused and designed to solve a specific problem or issue. Unfortunately, the return on investment is often low if new skills and higher energy levels don’t persist.  People have a tendency to revert back to old habits and normal energy levels.

The learning and retention for “once per year” training might look like this

Since change is not long lasting we want to do things better and look at different methods of training.  We have created strategic programs where teaching is hands on, specific and regularly followed up.  We want teaching and retention to be:

–  tailored to address specific issues identified for your organization

–  delivered by a unique selection of teaching modalities

–  customized in duration to achieve longer retention

–  long lasting and cost-effective

Since this type of training commits intense time, energy and efforts to each strategic program, we work only with a few selected clients.  Because of this commitment, we only work with clients who:

  1. Are ready to “stop doing what does not work” and create cultural change
  2. Value their employees and will commit the necessary time and resources to achieve results
  3. Will be part of the change: executives engage with and support the change program

We are confident that the changes created in your workplace will address your unique situation and be long lasting.  We prefer to provide learning and retention that looks like this:

Contact us today at or 604-349-8660 to discuss your qualifications for a strategic program. Looking for training specific for bosses? Check out our Building Better Bosses Program.


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