The Customer Experience Should Guide Workplace Culture

Culture is similar to balance – it is hard to achieve when it is not clearly defined.  If 10 people were asked what they think workplace culture is, you would probably hear 10 different answers.  Add to that the different perspectives that would come from front line staff, supervisors, senior managers and executives.

If you are a service based company, the most important perspective that truly matters is the customers.  What they see, how they feel and their experience should be the guiding factor in defining the culture in your workplace.  Culture exists from start to finish with everything in between.

As a consultant and trainer, many hours are spent educating companies on the importance of workplace culture and how to achieve it.  It is important to create and improve culture and spring is a good time to refresh or revamp.

Here are 10 pieces to focus on for better workplace culture for your customers:

1.  Create an atmosphere that is warm and inviting

2.  Ensure a nice flow of work that is neither lazy nor chaotic

3.  Cleanliness is a must and order should be obvious

4.  Make sure staff is having fun and enjoy their work

5.  Be prompt with the greeting and eye contact

6.  Ensure an offer of assistance with a smile

7.  Eagerness and enthusiasm must be genuine

8.  Pride in work and ability should be obvious

9.  Show appreciation and invite back

10.  Follow up is necessary and ongoing (email, coupon, survey, sale notice, etc.)

A list of top 20 or 30 would do a better job to express the thoroughness needed for good workplace culture from the customer’s perspective.  From a company perspective, you want to be confident that your customers have a positive experience in what they think and feel.  A good measure is to ask the question:

What 3 descriptors would customers use to describe their experience?

Recently, I have been hired to pose as a new client to attend aesthetic and spa businesses for services such as manicures, pedicures and facials.  The intent is to measure the company and employees workplace culture.  It is easy to identify the challenges and where they fall short as well as their strengths and what to build on.

 What does your workplace culture say to you and your customers?

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