Who We Work With

We Help Companies Align their Management Team for Break Through Results

We work with companies that are frustrated because on paper it appears they have the perfect management team but they have not seen break through results in production, sales or profits.

Our clients don’t come from only one industry but instead span all business sectors because management teams are essential to success. Our clients are extremely knowledgeable about their products and are experts in their industries. Unfortunately they aren’t so adept at leading and supervising their employees while managing problems, issues and conflict.

Our clients underestimate the cost when there are problems with managers and their employees.  We always tell our clients to add budget lines in their financials to measure problems such as:  higher absenteeism, lack of engagement, increased turnover and ongoing conflict. All of our clients drastically overlook and underestimate how much bad manager problems cost them annually.

Our clients need us to take the lead in aligning their management team and building skills to resolve problems so employee performance and productivity can rise.  Are some of these statements true for you?

Our company did well for a few years and now sales have begun to steadily drop. There are low levels of productivity and the enthusiasm seems to have disappeared.  We lost a million in profits and it can’t all be blamed on the poor economy.

We are seeing a constant and increasing turnover in staff.  We can’t put our finger on the problem and our managers are equally frustrated.  We started an incentive program but it’s just costing us more money over and above the severance packages and hiring costs.

Business is all right but we are at an impasse – profits exist but not to the extent we know they are capable.  Out on the floor, there is an air of tension because one of our managers is a little more “directive” than necessary.  We tried conflict resolution but that did not work.

Every year we send managers on a ½ day training session but we are not seeing the results.  They come back energized but after a few weeks they revert back to their old (and bad) habits that create problems between departments and with employees.

We have great managers but they only hit their targets and deadlines 75% of the time.  They expect promotions and incentives but we are too busy putting out staffing fires. We want succession planning to build the business but it’s just not on the radar right now.

Head office keeps notifying us that our plant is not meeting targets.  They want us to bring production levels up by 17% and increase our sales by 12%.  Our managers don’t seem engaged or enthused but they are not messing up bad enough for us to let them go.

If one or more of these scenarios rings true for you, then read on because you are in the right place.

We don’t work with everyone. We only work with clients who are committed to investing in their managers, business and growth.  They have the foresight to see the return on investment in measurements such as profits, sales and retention.  Clients who are successful working with us have the following qualities and characteristics:

High standards of Excellence – Good enough isn’t. Their pursuit of excellence, balanced by a healthy dose of common sense, speaks for itself and they are not scared to invest in their management team.

Desire to invest in people – A desire to roll up their sleeves and do the work.  They work to succeed rather than resorting to sheer replacement of people and processes.

Very knowledgeable in their field –  Our services are not industry specific. They don’t need to be since our clients are experts in their industry.

Interested in making a contribution –  Profits matter to our clients but so do people. They are committed to investing in a healthy workplace where employees look forward to going and take pride in their work while producing break through results.

Committed to success and have fun getting there – They realize that while results matter, management and employee satisfaction, enthusiasm and reward are equally important.

Committed to sustainable solutions – They realize the “fix it fast” approaches to leadership and “flavour of the month” management solutions are just band aids and not solutions at all.

Now that you know the kind of clients we work with, the issues we help them resolve and what they need to do to ensure their success, click on this link to learn more about How We Work

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