About Us

What Makes Us So Great to Work With?

Pam PaquetWe love to brag that our company is exceptional because we love what we do and we are really good at it.  We embrace and get excited with innovation – we don’t play in the sand box that all the others kids are in nor do we stay within the proverbial lines of the box.  Our tag line, “specializing in possibilities – great and small” exemplifies our mindset and our enthusiasm.

We specialize in the people side of business.  In the business world, which can be rather “black and white” because of the numbers, statistics and percentages, we love to  specialize in the “grey” – people, perspectives, personalities, characteristics and habits (good and bad).  Our passion is the challenge and ability to psychologically transition businesses and management teams so there is alignment among people, teams and departments for great organizational change. Having insight into the “people side of business” gives us great perspective when creating and implementing manager and business change.

The company was founded by Pam Paquet when she decided to extend her psychological expertise from the therapy office to the business office.  She has operated a private practice for more than a decade and enjoys providing psychological services to individuals, couples and families.  Pam decided to shift her work from crisis-driven and problem-focused to proactive and preventative. Her passion: if she can facilitate change and give managers, teams and businesses the knowledge, skills and abilities early on, then there is the chance they won’t hit crisis levels and end up in her therapy office.

Pam’s credentials include a MEd and BA in Psychology with a specialization in mediation. She is a master level facilitator registered as a Canadian Speaking Professional and speaks internationally. Her expertise has been shared as an instructor with BCIT and as a committee member with CYBF and Douglas College for their Self Employment Programs. Pam is certified with the Canadian Counselling Association and maintains a successful private practice where she continues to provide psychological services.

The personalized approach that Pam brings shifts the challenges, issues and gaps that are unique to your business and turns them into clear, concise and measureable goals and learning objectives. Our training is tailored to fit your management team, align the workplace and meet your business goals. Return on investment is evident in sales, customer service, productivity, retention and loyalty.

We continually and strategically bring together a “dream team” of associates who have great expertise in diverse fields of business. We guarantee each associate holds the highest certification in their respective fields and stays current with research and learning. We strive to create change that will equip people with knowledge and transferable skills that can be applied to their work, home and family life. Some of the clients who have benefitted from our programs include:

Royal Canadian Mounted Police The Langley Concrete Group of Companies
Morguard Investments McDonald’s Restaurants
City of Vancouver Watson Gloves
CGI Incorporated Emcon Services Incorporated

Companies of all kinds have improved their managers, processes and productivity as a result of the work we do with them.  You can too!!  Click on this link to see  Who We Work With Call 604-349-8660 or e-mail pam@thepossibilities.ca so we can start the conversation to transform your management team into happy, productive leaders who provide break through results.