How We Work

Creating the Change That Our Clients Desire

If you want to get more productivity out of your staff by supercharging your management team, then we can help. We are trusted professionals who are invested in change for your management team, business and future.  When you work with us you can expect changes in your managers and company that are desirable and sustainable.

Focus your energies on streamlining work flow and process – no more doubting whether you have the right management team or whether they’re on track. Your only challenge will be to keep them challenged.

Leaders gain the skills and tools to manage themselves – when managers consistently collaborate, you can stop supervising, refereeing and start getting your work done.

Every month you know sales goals, measurements and statistics will be met– confidence will replace stress and worry because managers are accountable and dependable.

An environment where communication is good means problems are managed – managers will be comfortable and confident to work through issues that get in the way of productivity and momentum.

Feel the enthusiasm and harmony in your management team – gone are the days when the domino effect of a few people’s negativity has the ability to  contaminate the entire workplace.

Renewed confidence that the right people are doing the right jobs – managers will not only act accountably and responsibly, but they will implement efficiency and be a consistent team.

An atmosphere where leadership and integrity are paramount – when a sense of value and accomplishment are prominent, then managers have no hesitation to take the helm and make good decisions.

The workplace should be a place to spend time with great people and feel a sense of accomplishment.  Since most people will spend 75% of their time at work, we believe it is where enthusiasm and pride shine through so productivity and success can be shared with everyone. 

Employees needs are simple:  clear communication, a sense of worth, opportunities to learn and advance and rewards for value and dedication.  The challenge that we enjoy is to help managers provide these tenants and encourage a fun workplace.

Productivity is the basis of every successful business.  Production is at risk when managers dread coming to work – they want to avoid problem employees and ineffective procedures.  A workplace should be a fun, fulfilling and satisfying experience.

People are your greatest commodity.  Regardless of the business sector, industry or size, employees and customers are your greatest asset.  We work closely with clients to do everything possible to increase their ability to manage and lead their staff to great success.

If you don’t take care of your managers, then nobody else will.  Just like humans, companies have a lifespan of birth, growth and aging with a roller coaster of experiences in between.  The sustainability and success of management teams requires maintaining good internal health, setting goals for the future and changing with the economy.

We don’t do cookie cutter.  Every client is different, even in the same sectors, industries or locations.  We recognize this diversity and our tailored approach to each company keeps us challenged and fresh.  Although we have a variety of service modules to address a wide variety of issues, our attitude and goals are consistent:  create personalized results that are impactful, desirable and long lasting to improve management teams.

We practise what we teach.  Our basic principles include communication, respect, consideration and cooperation.  We guarantee that our clients will receive service that exemplifies these principles – efficiency, timeliness and clarity.

Close enough is not good enough.  Success in change is only effective if it accurately solves problems.  We meet with key personnel to discuss the workplace, the issues and the staffing challenges to confirm 100% accuracy in understanding and desired results.  This ensures that learning objectives, goals and teaching methods will meet and exceed the intended results.

There are endless professionals who will promise to create change in your company. We believe that expertise and training methods should be the elements used to narrow the list. Our proven track record shows that our training methods are most effective because they are tailored to the people in the room, their tendencies and the industry they work in.

Our expertise is unique because it is based in the psychology of change, people and workplaces.  We focus on how people think, feel and behave over many situations so the desired actions and responses become normal or the new habit.  We don’t use tests that pigeon hole people and provide “reasons” for their poor performance.

With over a decade of experience in the psychology profession, it is exciting to give people the skills, tools and ability to be happier managers who are more present, engaged and productive.  There is no need for employees to struggle along with bad bosses until they hit rock bottom only to leave the job or need the “therapy couch”. There is no blanket theory we apply to everyone and every company.  We recognize and build on the uniqueness that makes each business, management team, department and location a success within their four walls.

What makes our consulting stand out is our expertise in building better bosses. We are consultants and trainers who work at improving management teams, but it is the ease in our meetings and our vast knowledge of people that enables us to quickly build credibility and rapport with all levels within the company. People do great work when they are being heard, their participation is valued and their comfort level is high.

Now that you have a better idea about the results you can expect by working with us and our approach and philosophy of working with clients, click here to view our Services Page to learn about the specific programs we offer.

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