Where is The “I” in Team?

It would be great if a formula was developed to balance teams and individuals perfectly.  This calculation would prescribe ideal ratios for optimal team collaboration versus personal time for productivity and individual specialties.

Depending on what books you have read lately, there is no shortage of suggestions, opinions or recommendations for the “perfect team solution”.  Based on the diverse companies I have worked with, I don’t believe a prescription from an author, model or theory will provide the right mix for everyone.  I prefer to encourage individuals, businesses and their personnel to find the right ratio through inquiry, investigation and negotiation.  Every workplace and its staff are unique so every level of balance should be different (regardless of industry or business sector).

Here are some key topics that are perfect for discussion and review:

1.  Effective individual communication methods that will compliment time when the team is not together for group work

2.  Individual specialties necessary for preliminary work that will enhance when the team comes together for group work

3.  The level of congruence between the goals of each individual versus those of the team as a whole

So instead of expecting individuals to meet the criteria or qualify as a “team player”, put them to the test to ensure that each one can define, understand and have clarity on what it means.  They must recognize what their role is, its component parts as well as how they and their work integrate into the greater whole and process used to create success.

When individual staff members understand the overall goal, the big picture and how they each contribute, then engagement can increase and collaboration becomes commonplace and routine.

Take the first step to improve your workplace culture and ask your staff if they know and understand the concepts of individual work, team contributions and group processes for success.

If you identify with any of these individual and team challenges, then you are a prime candidate for change.  Take a few minutes to visit our website to read more about change management strategies in the workplace.  Contact us at pam@thepossibilities.ca  or 604-349-8660 to arrange a Team Change Strategy Session to diagnose the problems that exist in your company, staff and teams. Is it the bosses that need some work? Check out our Building Better Bosses Program.

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