When is the best time for change?

Change is usually put off until it just can’t be avoided any longer.  There is a tendency to let things get as bad as they could possibly get before feeling forced to implement different strategies.

I would like to give you a few symptoms evident in people and the workplace that might be warning signs that the need for change is sneaking up on you:

Change & Options

For you and your staff:

– easily frustrated with people or minor issues

– feeling increased pressure from upper management

– avoiding situations whenever possible

– feeling exhausted from fixing others, problems and situations

– seeming like the “referee” most of the time

– feeling time strapped with endless issues and conflict

– feeling stress that australian online pokies did not use to be present under normal conditions

For your company:

–  an increase in sick days taken

–  turnover numbers on the rise

–  a general sense of tension in the air (but without an obvious cause)

–  lower morale that hinders interest and willingness

–  lack of social interaction or stories of fun

–  enthusiasm is gone and “feels like a job”

–  sales, production and profits are variable and not hitting targets

–  an endless list of meetings with little productivity or change coming out of them

If you identify with any of these bullets, then you are a prime candidate for change.  Visit our website to read more about change management strategies in the workplace.  Contact us at pam@thepossibilities.ca  or 604-349-8660 to arrange a Team Change Strategy Session to diagnose the problems that exist in your company and staff. Wanting to improve your leadership? Learn more about our Building Better Bosses Program.


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