Pushing the Limits of Change

I will never profess to be well versed with technology and the future is not looking much different.  Until now, I’ve gotten away with learning enough to get by and contracting out the majority and in depth difficult pieces.  Does this work – absolutely!  Will this continue to work in the future – not for long!

There is always a fine line that indicates how much we can “get away with” and “when it is necessary to change”.  This fine line is not always evident but can become obvious when stress and frustration exceed acceptable levels.

In workplaces, pushing the limits can be the norm and how groups function for extended periods of time.  Teams, units and departments may continually work within processes and atmospheres that are not optimum, efficient or effective.  Unfortunately, even though functioning and performance is below optimum or even acceptable levels of productivity, there is a tendency to keep doing what is predictable and comfortable . . . even if it is wrong or ineffectual.  It is only when people and situations are pushed beyond  . . . that crisis hits and people are open to change.

The key to change is not always about what needs to be implemented, but catching it early enough.  The signs that indicate when people, things and processes are not working well are usually obvious – tension in the air, low levels of productivity, poor morale, absenteeism and lack of cooperation and communication.

Starting with today, all I want is for people to achieve a new level of awareness.  I want people ask themselves key questions for change:

1.   How come we are not compelled to change this situation?

2.   What would be the hardest part to tackle?

3.   Who would need to be the impetus to change?

These questions are not about creating and implementing change but instead are about understanding what keeps you from changing what does not work.  When you understand what makes things comfortable (and even predictable) then you will understand the reasons for not imposing change.  Doing what doesn’t work may not seem effective but it is at least “normal”.  Change is difficult – it is the hardest road to take even if promise and improvement is on the other side.

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