Olympic Style Employee Performance Ratings

In business of all types and sectors, the expectation of employees is pretty straight forward, yet the results received seem to come in threes.  These are really three measures or descriptors of how an employee preforms and each one is distinct.

The first level is bronze (aka minimal requirements met).  These employees have the knowledge, skills and abilities to meet and complete the job.  And they do – no more, no less.

The second level is silver (aka potential for promotion or additional responsibilities).  These employees meet the basic requirements and go above and beyond.  They exceed the basics because of enthusiasm, energy and achievement.  Their assessments rank them above average and other teams and departments want to recruit them whenever possible.

The third level is gold (aka the dream employees).  These people even outshines the second level employees because not only is there great productivity and efficiency but there is also initiative, innovation and inclusion into many groups and projects.  These employees make being an owner or manager a breeze.  The risk is losing these people if they are not valued or compensated well; but even then, ambition to succeed and excellence is a driver they will seek out elsewhere no matter what.

Unfortunately the standards in business do not start out at the same level or degree of Olympic standards.  The bar is much lower and you aren’t selecting from an elite group of qualifiers.  The reality is every business and manager will have these three types of employees in their company or department.  The challenge for organizations is how to manage these three types or better yet, how to get all three to the third level of performance.

If the choice is to manage the three types, then the key is to find positions and projects that fit these personality types.  It will be important to accommodate individual traits.  For example:  it is not a good idea for introverts or very shy people to serve as greeters, front line reception or customer service agents.

If the choice is to get all employees to the third level, then create teams and projects that provide opportunities to test new skills, uncover a hidden passion and teach new abilities.  Get creative to develop new ways of working and new ways for employees to work.  Critical to this kind of innovative workplace organization is the consultative and two way communication among employees of all levels.  For example:  set up a regular and consistent schedule to look at tasks, projects and assignments and continually measure and assess their progress, success or challenges.

It takes a special organization and set of managers to stray from the regular job descriptions, pay scales, hierarchy and discipline to find ways to capitalize on employees’ individual skills, abilities and knowledge.  Are you ready to “get out of the box” and create a gold standard workplace where culture is foremost, employee engagement is high and productivity matches the heightened energy level of the morale?  Contact us at pam@thepossibilities.ca or 604-349-8660 to start talking about improving your employees and their productivity. Is it the bosses that need some work? Learn more about our Building Better Bosses Program.

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