Be Your Own Superhero: Finding Insight, Energy & Balance

Stop Awaiting the “Magic Fix” and Create Life on Your Terms

Have you ever met someone and wanted to be exactly like them because they are so balanced and focused? They seem like a superhero – larger than life and much to envy. They seem to have the answers to all of life’s  questions – balance, energy, insight.

This session focuses on people who are not inspired or energized in work or life.  These people just shuffle along and do the bare necessities without too many errors nor draw
attention to themselves.  They are the quiet type who limp along and hope that someone or something will save them with a magic fix.  If this is prominent in your organization, then you should fully expect engagement to be low, production to be down and sales to follow suit.

Pam works with audiences to come up with their own personal definition of balance and how to establish their own “normal”. This presentation leaves participants with:

. clarity on ownership – what is yours and what is not

. confidence in personal roles and responsibilities

. strategies to become your own superhero

If this session to help people build confidence and set boundaries will be a great fit for your group or event, contact us at 604-349-8660 or  We look forward to talking about your group and checking our availability.

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