Resiliency: Managing Stress and Challenges

We Can’t Change What Life Throws At Us But We Can Change How We Handle It All

Life, work and family continually throw curve balls at us. Organizations and players must be in tip-top shape to catch the balls, juggle them, decide which ones to keep and those to throw back.

If you have a group who are feeling a little beaten down and exhausted from trying to balance work and life, then this session is for you.  We focus on the reality that most
people are tired and stressed because of the constant challenge of relationships,  family, work and life.  Don’t let your workplace and association suffer because people are bombarded and have lost focus.  Let us get them started on where to focus, what to take on and how to improve different aspects.

Pam leads participants through an insightful session filled with humour and real life stories that everyone can relate to.  She will provide a renewed sense of purpose and a re-energized feeling of strength to the audience.  Participants will learn to:

. pick yourself up and face the challenge

. avoid getting in your own way

. build momentum by a renewed self-purpose

If this session to help people manage stress and challenges will be a great fit for your group or event, contact us at 604-349-8660 or  We look forward to talking about your group and checking our availability.

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