Don’t Look Up: Finding Motivation From Within

Greatness is Not Always Found Elsewhere But Rather In Your Own Backyard

We sometimes seek out other people in the search for motivation.  Unfortunately, we can mistake fame or greatness for motivation. Look past the Everest climbers and
focus on your own self, home and backyard.

When staff is not motivated, then productivity slows, enthusiasm is absent and attendance is lessened.  Motivating staff is always a challenge and very few “fixes” provide long lasting differences.  Now is not the time to dangle another carrot, but instead to help your group find motivation within themselves.  When motivation is internal then it will be personal, relevant and lasting.

A celebration of accomplishments is at your fingertips, so get motivated by conquering your own Everest. Pam leads participants through a look within themselves so they can:

. control what you can, know what you can’t control

. define greatness and inspiration

. shift from “can’t” to “will”

If this session to help people get and stay motivated will be a great fit for your group or event, contact us at 604-349-8660 or  We look forward to talking about your group and checking our availability.