Transition & Succession

Leaving a career or business should be a time of opportunity, contentment and living life to its fullest. Yet sometimes the goals and dreams of retirement don’t always match the reality. In fact, the reality of “what comes after a working career” is neither predictable nor problem free. The process is not as simple and easy as the word ‘retirement’ implies.

At Pam Paquet & Associates we explore people’s purpose, roles and interests in order to create an exit plan.  We integrate this exit with a transition plan in the business to ensure succession and seamless change.  Learn how to plan for a smooth transition both personally and operationally.

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine transitional topics and create a  plan for the future
  • Create an exit strategy to redesign purpose, schedules and lifestyle
  • Organize and map out plans to make good business decisions

Enterprise Magazine Retirement Article – Here is an article where we shared our expertise.

Some people see leaving a career or business as an exciting time while many others look at it as scary and stressful. If you spend time worrying and put off leaving, then a transition planning session is overdue.  We enjoy leading sessions that create plans to fit the person and the company.  Contact us at 604-349-8660 or

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Want to Know More?

Pam Paquet & Associates also runs programs specifically for Exit Strategy Management.  You can visit the website specific to that here:

Pam Paquet & Associates – Exit Strategy Management Website