Services and Programs
You Won’t Find “One Size Fits All” Here

Every business or person has a unique business and situation.  There are never two identical clients that we provide the exact same service or program to.

We work with companies that think they have good processes and a great group of staff on paper but are frustrated and perplexed because nothing is coming together to create break through results for sales, production or profits.

Our clients are often shocked when we take time to talk about their business and identify the problems, issues and gaps that are getting in their way of success. There is a sense of relief when the top 5 problems are identified, regardless if they are employee- based or process-based.

We don’t do cookie cutter.  Every client is different, even if they are in the same business sector, industry or location.  We love staying challenged and fresh because our programs are different and unique for every client.  Our programs come in four different service models because we want the type of service to be as tailored as the topic.

Team Collaboration Program:

When you have the right people in your company but you are not getting break through results from them, then change is necessary.  Our team program offers a more coordinated and comprehensive approach that is unique to your company, staff and challenges.  The focus of our program is to measurably improve the skills and abilities of your staff.  Our goal is to create aligned teams that communicate, collaborate and create momentum to take your company to the next level.  Regardless of industry or size of team, our team program will construct happy, productive employees who are engaged and excelling in their jobs.  Go here for complete details.

Corporate Training:

We don’t do “one size fits all”.  Our training programs are tailored and customized to our client’s needs. The only common theme in all of our training sessions is a measurable improvement in each of the participants.  Whether we are improving communication,
enhancing business skills, facilitating transition or building leaders, we design programs that create happier, more productive staff that are capable of break through results.  Go here for complete details.

Keynote Speeches:

There is no greater opportunity to inspire, motivate and educate people than when they come together as industry experts or business colleagues. Our keynote speeches focus on creating change in your audience using our expertise, insightful stories and industry research.  Our focus in every keynote is to engage and hold the attention of the audience so they can dig deep within themselves to identify their opportunities to change, learn and excel personally and professionally.  Go here for complete details.

Business Development Coaching:

Sometimes companies need to focus on the business and how it is run and progressing rather than solely improving their staff.  We offer business development coaching which makes the owner the driver of change and creator of improvement.  Our coaching zeros in on your business to find solutions and create action plans to fix what is not working, what is missing or what has not yet been created.  The goal of every interaction is to
measurably improve the client’s ability, creativity and implementation skills. Whether you sell widgets or cleaning and whether you have been around for 3 years or 13years, we have the strategic coaching program that will take your business to a place that matches the company vision and success you have always had.  Go here for complete details.