Newsletter March 2011
With some signs of winter still around us, it is hard to believe that spring is just around the corner.  This time of year is usually filled with ideas and projects that are ready to bloom. As your business and its people notice some of the exciting challenges that lie ahead, we are ready to help.Spring is a great time for people and business because the goals and financials for new near have been set and it is now time to get into a new and energized groove. I have a few ideas to help you set the tone for this important business quarter and settle into a comfort zone that is both focused and productive.

  1. Start a "parking lot" page or white board to keep track of problems or issues.
  2. Schedule a monthly staff meeting (30 minutes) to brainstorm ideas on new processes or procedures (especially if problems have been identied on the "parking lot").
  3. Implement one of the new ideas for a month and assess its success at the next meeting.

Communication Basics:  I was just on the train the other day and overheard a lady answer her cell phone with:
“Hi Gerry, why do you always send confusing e-mails when I am on the train going home?Can you guess how the rest of the conversation went?When communicating with colleagues, regardless of the channel, context or time of day, it is important to not react. Allow yourself a few extra seconds or minutes before you speak (or type or text) to figure out exactly what you want to achieve in the communication exchange.In just a few short minutes, I have been able to come up with three options this woman could have used in responding:

  1. Ask what he needed
  2. Request a simple clarification
  3. Suggest a better time and location to communicate

Generational Shift:  It was announced on the news that 2011 is the year when the first Baby Boomers will reach the age of 65. The news anchor went on to say how this signification time will be the beginning of great changes and a domino effect – people of all generations and in every aspect of society will feel the shifting of the Baby Boomers.
The Boomer generation has been referred to as the Flood Generation because since their arrival they have continually "flooded" every corner of the world – hospitals at birth, schools for education, post-secondary institutions for careers and workplaces to make their living. We should now expect to see the Boomers leaving the workplaces in droves as they move to flood the health care systems and facilities as well as retirement residences. Here are a few questions to ask yourself in order to assess your preparedness:

  1. Are you ready for a shift in demographics /generations at your work place?
  2. Have you begun change management to accommodate an aging workforce and a younger influx?
  3. How does your business manage generations and their different attitudes and expectations?
  4. Take a few minutes to look around your workplace and identify change spots or problem areas. Where does change need to be made?

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