Team Collaborator Program

Common problems that necessitate action and change.

  • Engagement lessens, and exponentially so does productivityIt is obvious when staff is not motivated to perform their jobs much less show up consistently and punctually. Low levels of excitement and commitment result in poor attitudes, mistakes and lack of focus.
  • Communication challenges lead to poor results and errors. Never ending errors, recurring mistakes and continually incomplete work are not always due to skills and abilities. Often a lack of communication, unclear requests and vague instruction are the culprits. Skill building does not compensate for poor communication.
  • One or two bad employees affect numerous people and departments. It starts with a subtle feeling of tension in the air but over a short time this escalates into obvious stress with disrespect, avoidance and conflict. Bad morale can be measured by sick days, tardiness and medical/stress leaves.

Wouldn’t you prefer a workplace filled with enthusiastic and energetic employees who interact well and collaborate for great productivity. You want to take pride not only in the company but in the employees that make it successful.

  • Responsibility and accountability at 100% – you can spend less time worrying about deadlines and tasks when your employees agree and accept their roles and tasks. Productivity can be high and staff can excel.
  • Motivation and engagement lead to trust – you can spend less time dealing with mistakes and missed deadlines when your employees are enthused and give 110%. It is easy to rely on staff when attendance, productivity and engagement are obvious.
  • Communication and collaboration result in high morale and great momentum – you spend less time managing conflict and settling arguments when your employees talk through problems and collectively get the work done. Tension and stress dissipate when the “one or two bad apples” have been fixed.

The good news is that this level of engagement, productivity and performance can be the norm in any company. But how do you make it happen?

Introducing the Team Collaborator

The Team Collaborator is a holistic and multi-faceted program that is the perfect solution. Our comprehensive program is designed to provide information, insight, and inspiration that will enable you to produce results at a much higher level. We have developed a system that accurately identifies problems and issues so the change created is specific and long-lasting to improve momentum by re-engaging your employees.

The Team Collaborator Program:

  • Gives independent assessment of causes
    In-depth interviews, focus groups and onsite research ensure the problems, issues and gaps are accurately identified. This enables us to develop problem-specific solutions that will dramatically improve your staff and workplace.
  • Provides tailored training and education
    Systematic and strategic learning will ensure long-term positive change and problem effects. Our hands-on approach ensures that implementation is successful and continuous.
  • Offers long-term monitoring and support
    The return on investment and accuracy of change are measured with thorough follow-up and onsite observation. Our program will leave you confident that your money has improved productivity and profits by investing in your employees.

How is the Team Collaborator Program Different?

Our program is different because it is not a band-aid or just a report filled with recommendations. It’s about creating real, long lasting change in your organization.

  • Our degree and intensity of diagnosis and problem identification is in-depth and meticulous – we don’t provide solutions based on one person’s perspective.
  • Our education and training is situational and problem-focusedwe don’t allow people to revert back to their bad habits.
  • Our analysis and measurement of change is detailed and monetizedour change is guaranteed to be long-term, address specific company problems and will pay back your investment many times over.

The return on investment for this program is obvious and measurable because you have the right program providing the right fix. You will get peace of mind with an accurate diagnosis that provides answers and the assurance of positive change. Your business will have a renewed feeling of confidence because improvement is evident and lasting.

Benefits of the Team Collaborator program

  • Employees will have the skills and tools to manage themselves – when staff consistently collaborate and solve problems on their own, then you can stop refereeing and start getting your own work done.
  • You will create an environment where communication is easy and problems are self managed staff will be comfortable and confident to work through issues that get in the way of productivity and momentum.
  • You will enter the end of every month knowing your staff is committed to meeting sales figures, measurements and statistics confidence will replace stress and worry because staff are accountable and dependable.
  • You can focus on your responsibilities and have ample time in the day to complete your tasks employees will no longer call upon you to fix their problems, issues and personal differences.
  • You will enter your workplace and immediately feel the enthusiasm, harmony and momentum gone are the days when the domino effect of negativity has the ability to impact others and contaminate the entire workplace.
  • You will have a renewed confidence that you have the right people doing the right jobs your staff will not only understand accountability and responsibility, but they will implement them well and monitor each other.
  • You will create an atmosphere where leadership and integrity are paramount – when the sense of value and accomplishment are prominent, then there is no hesitation to take the helm and make good decisions.
  • You will focus your energies on streamlining work flow and process – no need to spend time doubting if you have the right team or getting them on track, your only challenge will be to keep your team challenged.

The Structure of the Team Collaborator Program

The Team Collaborator Program includes 3 phases and, depending on the size of your staff and number of problems, can cover up to 6-months.

  • Phase One: Assessment & Identification
    We listen and observe a portion of your key personnel at multiple levels to get a 360 degree understanding. We are able to diagnose what works well and what (or who) needs work.
  • Phase Two: Creating Change
    We design and provide instruction, education and coaching to address the problems, issues and gaps identified in phase one. We tailor our training to address multiple people and topics to fit availability as well as their specialties.
  • Phase Three: Measurement & Wrap Up
    We observe, witness and evaluate the change created during phase two. Follow up is done with the same individuals from phase one and the organization as a whole to ensure that change is present, improvement is witnessed and new strategies are maintained.

Bonuses Included in the Team Collaborator Program

  • a personalized presentation designed and delivered to your executives. We will share the discovery and diagnosis, the learning objectives and education strategies as well as the changes at the end of the program
  • access to our library of great ideas and strategies to help you with everyday challenges
  • articles that provide examples, stories and techniques

This program is a perfect fit for your company if . . .

  • you are committed to a staff turnaround to increase productivity
  • you want responsibility and accountability to become the common team dynamic
  • you want to increase staff potential by getting the team on the same page
  • you want cohesion and collaboration to become a commonality in your workplace
  • you believe in your staff and want to improve engagement and loyalty

The greatest benefit of this program is the return on investment. You get to hand over the problems, issues and solutions to us so you can focus 100% of your time and energy on your job and building the business. We will provide a presence in your company that is most noticeable by the positive changes in your staff. You will witness the enthusiasm return, the productivity improve and the momentum build towards sales and profits.

Our experience does not apply to only one industry but instead spans all business sectors because people and teams are essential to success. We have created change and profits in manufacturing companies, property management corporations, police forces and municipalities. Let us take the lead in aligning your staff and building skills to resolve problems so performance and productivity can escalate.

If you’ve read up to this point, you may be ready to hand over the problems so we can begin to create change.

Contact us today for a complimentary Team Change Strategy Session where we can discuss your business, solutions to align your people and create positive change that diminishes problems. This session takes about an hour and will give you real insight into why you don’t have the level of engagement and productivity that is possible and what you can do to turn things around – often dramatically.

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