Management Optimization Program

Creating a Culture of Alignment in Management

Do you watch your managers’ struggle with the task of leading, supervising and motivating their teams rather than excelling? Are you questioning if you hired and promoted the right people, wondering if seniority is the best measure or contemplating if more training is needed? Don’t hold your breath in the hopes that lightening will strike, your mangers will get it and the flow of employees resigning because of a bad supervisor will slow down.

Be the catalyst to create a management team that excels and enjoys their leadership role.  Great managers should spend more time celebrating and rewarding success rather than fixing problems and addressing issues. If your managers are under performing and don’t have the confidence to step up to the plate, don’t be the company to wait out the storm or for lightening to strike.

All of this can flush good corporate culture down the toilet and leave you with a workplace that is weighed down with constant tension, high stress and unending conflict. Don’t wait for profits, productivity and sales to plummet before you decide to “turn the ship around”. Address internal dysfunction before it becomes a gigantic task with expensive ramifications.

Problems that confirm alignment and change are needed.

Engagement lessens and exponentially so does productivity.

It is obvious when managers are frustrated and not motivated to be role models. This lack of excitement and engagement can be contagious and span many levels to staff, teams and departments. Common themes will be missed deadlines, excessive errors and gradual under producing.

Communication challenges lead to poor results and errors.

The title of manager is not always synonymous with great communicator.  If there isn’t the confidence and comfort to communicate well, then interactions will be filled with assumptions, innuendos and let downs.  Poor performance on multiple levels should not be explained by communication issues at the top levels.

Don’t let a bad boss be the reason for turnover.

People leave bad supervisors because they don’t feel valued, appreciated or heard.  A subtle feeling of tension with management can easily spin out of control and escalate into full blown stress with disrespect, avoidance and conflict. Don’t let ignorance, lack of awareness and frustration explain your absenteeism and retention issues.

Wouldn’t you prefer a workplace filled with confident, caring managers and an energetic culture that combine for great productivity? You want to take pride not only in the company but in the managers that make it successful.  Here is how such a workplace with a great culture would look:

  • Responsibility and accountability at 100% – you spend less time worrying about deadlines when managers are clear about their roles and fully accept their tasks. Productivity can be high and staff can excel.
  • Motivation and engagement lead to trust – you spend less time dealing with mistakes and missed deadlines when managers are enthused and give 100%. It is easy to rely on managers when leadership, inspiration and engagement are obvious.
  •  Communication and collaboration result in high morale and great momentum – you spend less time managing conflict and settling arguments when managers confidently and expeditiously problem solve, resolve conflict and work with teams to collectively get the work done. Plan to focus on and fix the “bad bosses” to save retention and morale.

The good news is that this level of engagement, productivity and performance can be the norm in any company. But how do you make it happen?

Introducing the Management Optimization Program

The Management Optimization Program is a systematized program for different management levels to create the perfect solution. Our comprehensive programs are designed to provide awareness, information and insight that will produce cultural results at a much higher level. We have developed a system that accurately identifies problems and issues so the change created is specific and long-lasting to improve momentum by aligning your employees.

Management Optimization Program. . .

We specialize in understanding people, how they think, feel and behave.  This psychological perspective allows us to really get into the human psyche for extensive understanding of key indicators for change, best predictors for improvement and valuable strategies for success.  When it comes to managers, an accurate diagnosis will also include comfort level in management, leadership qualities and potential as well as and motivation to be in and excel in management (money, status, respect, control, etc.).

Our focus is on managers excelling in leadership and this must include many levels:  how they look, their thought process and innovativeness, and how they perform and conduct business.  Role modeling is an integral piece of leadership and this aspect is not optional nor ever turned off.  Our insight into the psychology behind people and workplace expectations of excellence allow us to create and build better workplaces with your present group of managers.

Three components that get our full attention in diagnosis and change are people, performance and productivity.  We refer to this as P3 Management and focus our program on optimizing each manager’s ability to perform at exceptional levels in each category.

Our optimization is not generic but rather is tailored to incorporate the differentiation of skills and abilities of distinct management levels.  We focus on three levels of manager from supervisor to senior manager to executive management.  Each level should be different from the other two not only in responsibilities and tasks but also in presence, awareness, influence, decision making and problem solving.

A management team and workplace culture that focuses on getting each leader ahead will create opportunities and learning so that each level can optimize people, performance and productivity to degrees that match their expectations and build on their specialties.

How is Management Optimization Program Different?

Our program is different because it is not a band-aid, a one-off training or a report filled with recommendations. It’s about creating real, long lasting alignment and change in your managers and organization.

  • Our degree of diagnosis and intensity with problem identification are in-depth and meticulous – we don’t provide solutions based on the opinion of one person or one level of management.
  • Our education is problem-focused and training is situational and long term – we don’t train people for 2 hours and let them revert back to their bad habits.
  • Our analysis and measurement of management alignment and change is detailed and monetized – our change is guaranteed to be long-term, address specific cultural problems and will pay back your investment many times over.

The return on investment for this program is obvious and measurable because you have the right program providing the right fix. You will get peace of mind with an accurate diagnosis that provides answers and the assurance of positive change. Your business will have a renewed feeling of confidence because improvement is evident and lasting.

Benefits of Management Optimization Program

Managers will gain the skills to be effective leaders – they will lead staff and colleagues with inspiration and motivation at a high level that fosters independence and you can stop babysitting them.

Create an environment where communication is interactive and respectful  managers will be considerate and confident to discuss, debate and work through issues that get in the way of productivity and momentum.

Enter month end knowing managers are dedicated to sales and revenue targets  confidence will replace stress and worry because managers are dependable, responsible and accountable.

Hand over responsibilities with 100% confidence and take a step back – managers will be creative, innovative and confident with solutions to fix problems, issues and address personnel differences.

Feel the enthusiasm, harmony and momentum created by management  the new domino effect is not one of negativity but one of contagious enthusiasm that has staff engaged, excited and reaching a heightened level of motivation for great productivity.

Have renewed confidence that the right people are doing the right jobs  your managers will not only lead well but they will also be great listeners who foster two way communication, sociability and collaboration amongst teams and departments.

Create an atmosphere where leadership and integrity are a way of being rather than exceptions – when the sense of value and accomplishment are prominent, then managers will have no hesitation to take the helm and make good decisions.

Focus your energies on streamlining, sigma and processes – know you have the right managers who have exceptional self-awareness and confidence so they don’t need you, your involvement or a carrot dangled.

The Structure of Management Optimization Program

Management Optimization Program includes three distinct phases that are strategically implemented based on learning, change and follow up.

  Phase One: Diagnose – Explore & Identify

In the first week of the program we conduct interviews, hold focus groups and shadow a portion of key personnel at multiple levels to get a 3600 understanding. We need to discover and analyze what works well and what (or who) needs work.

Phase Two: Develop – Train & Teach

In the next three weeks of the program we develop goals and design education, training and coaching to address the issues identified. We tailor our alignment and optimization program to address multiple managers, levels and topics that fit scheduling and specialty areas.

  Phase Three: Difference – Measure & Monitor

Over the next eleven months of the program we return one day every month to attend meetings, coach individuals to further learning and advise staff on challenging situations, circumstances and processes.  Follow through is done with multiple individuals, levels and departments to ensure that managers are optimized, change is present, improvement is witnessed and new strategies are maintained.

Bonuses Included in the Management Optimization Program

  • a personalized presentation designed and delivered to your executives. We share the discovery and diagnosis, learning objectives and education strategies as well as the changes throughout the program.
  • access to our library of great ideas and strategies to address everyday challenges
  • articles that provide examples, stories and techniques to create change

This program is a perfect fit for your company if . . .

  • you are committed to a workplace turnaround to increase productivity
  • you want leadership and accountability to be the common dynamic among management
  • you want to increase engagement and momentum by getting the managers on the same page
  • you want cohesion and collaboration to be the norm in your workplace
  • you believe in your managers and want to improve relationships and loyalty


The greatest benefit of this program is the return on investmentYou get to hand over the problems, issues and solutions with managers to us so you can focus 100% of your time and energy on your job and building the business. We will provide a presence in your company that is noticeable by the positive changes in your managers and workplace culture. You will witness the enthusiasm return, the productivity improve and the momentum build towards sales and profits.


Our experience does not apply to only one industry but instead spans many different business sectors because managers and culture are essential to successWe have created change in manufacturing companies, property management corporations, police forces and municipalities. Let us take the lead in changing your workplace culture to align your managers so performance and productivity can escalate.


If you’ve read up to this point, you may be ready to hand over the problems so we can begin to align your managers and create cultural change in your workplace.


Contact us today for a complimentary Management Optimization Strategy Session where we can discuss your business, solutions to align your managers and create cultural change that diminishes problems. This session takes about an hour and will give you real insight into why you don’t have the level of engagement and productivity that is possible and what you can do to turn things around – often dramatically.


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Pam Paquet