Conflict Resolution

Conflict knows no boundaries and is a normal and unavoidable part of any organization. It is usually viewed as negative, but with the right understanding and tools, conflict can be anticipated, comfortable and useful.

At Pam Paquet & Associates, we help managers address central issues related to conflict and provide creative ways to resolve it. Relationships at work can be improved with the right tools and a positive attitude of resolution.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the dynamics of conflict and resolution
  • Examine personal perspectives and experiences with conflict
  • Develop the skills and art of de-escalation

If annoyance has graduated to anger and even full blown conflict, then your workplace has become a pressure cooker.  You will start to see increased sick days, higher turnover and poor productivity because employees won’t put up with these conditions.  Before these effects show up in your workplace contact us at 604-349-8660 or

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