Communication Skills

Effective communication requires messages to be clear, concise and understood with 100% accuracy. Despite knowing this, words don’t always come out as planned, people don’t listen intently and some react inappropriately.  Better communication leads to clearer expectations, fewer mistakes, better problem solving and higher performance.

At Pam Paquet & Associates we focus on the skills necessary to speak clearly and listen succinctly to enhance clarity and create an atmosphere for engagement. We help supervisors become more positive, influential and effective in their roles.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to respond to requests, give instructions and clarify expectations
  • Organize a plan to overcome barriers and correct misunderstandings
  • Formulate communication that is clear, interactive and efficient

If you are stymied because communication is a struggle in your management team and results in  errors, missed deadlines and poor statistics, then it’s time to get help.  You might have great managers but if two-way interaction is not happening, then you are losing business on multiple levels.   Contact us at 604-349-8660 or

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