Business Assertiveness

Assertiveness is the art of stating your thoughts and asking for what you need in a respectful manner. This is simply said, but difficult to put into practice. Business assertiveness is crucial to help managers be great supervisors and leaders.

At Pam Paquet & Associates, we teach the principles and implement the techniques of assertiveness through a series of engaging and interactive scenarios. Circumstances should not dictate how managers interact and communicate.  Assertiveness takes them to a higher level where they can lead while being respectful and sensitive.

Learning Objectives:

  • Teach the principles of assertiveness and respectful communication
  • Identify and overcome communication barriers
  • Provide techniques when it is necessary to clarify, request and stand firm

If comfort and confidence are not what you see in your managers, then you should see less than satisfactory communication, collaboration and production.  Assertiveness might seem like a soft skill, but its absence will be hard on sales, profits and growth.  Contact us at 604-349-8660 or

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