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Your management team is not “like everyone else” so don’t settle for training that is typical, trademarked or created for “everyone”.

We work with companies who look at their management roster and think “we have the perfect group to make this company successful and take us to the next level”.  Unfortunately these companies experience frustration and stress because this roster doesn’t perform well and struggles to meet the exceptional numbers they could reach.

The purpose of our performance training is to increase the skills, abilities and knowledge of management to produce breakthrough results.  It doesn’t matter if we are talking about improving communication and collaboration, enhancing supervision and leadership or building momentum in production and sales, breakthrough results mean measurable and long lasting changes reflected in workplace morale, profits and success.

Our training offers a variety of service modules and topics to address a wide variety of issuesSince every one of our sessions is tailored to address specific problems in your management team, we will ensure that participants learn:

  • the attitude and skills to develop into more effective and productive supervisors
  • how their work ethics and styles of interaction impact others
  • to identify gaps in their capacities as managers and implement plans to fill those gaps
  • best practices in communication, collaboration and production
  • greater cohesion, productivity and communication
  • the necessary skills to excel mentally, emotionally and strategically in the leadership

We don’t believe that one-off training in times of crisis is very effective.  Learning is not under the best conditions, can be done too fast and doesn’t lead to long term change.  Our sessions are done quarterly  and provide interactive, engaging and powerful training to align your managers and bring them to superior supervisory.  We love to tailor every program because it keeps us fresh, challenged, educated and on top of different industries and strategies.

We enjoy facilitating every session differently so it fits the learning style of the client and easily transfers the news skills back to the workplace.  Regardless of the group, topic or business our goal is always to create personalized results that are impactful, desirable and long lasting to improve managers, leadership  and productivity. 

We incorporate a client-focused action plan, which includes self-assessment tools, time-tested techniques and role-plays to help maximize your management team’s potential. We take the time to:

  • Listen to and understand your needs
  • Develop and clarify your goals
  • Determine problem solving objectives
  • Develop customized corporate training
  • Provide evaluation and follow up

Our clients appreciate that our programs are not textbook, templates or standardized.  We customize your training event in length and location to fit your company and accommodate your management.  It can be arranged on- or off-site . . . you may even want to offer them in special locations (golf resorts, vacation resorts or cruise ships) or combine them with incentives or awards.

Our clients love to boast that our training programs are specially designed for their staff, personalities and problems.  If you are frustrated because you have a great group of managers, but they are struggling and not performing well, contact us at (604) 846-5858 or We look forward to talking about your company, your management team and some great solutions.

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